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Ana Belen Jimenez Arminana: Missing Person (1994)

In the early hours of the 8th of July, 1994, Ana Belen Jimenex Arminana (17), left her home and has never been seen since.

That night (7th) she had argued with her parents, and then wrote a note explaining that she needed to think and would be back in two to three days.

Her sister told El Digital de Albacete that she had left taking nothing with her except for 1,100 pesetas and enough of her epilepsy medication for a couple of days. The family lived in Albacete town of Villarrobledo, Spain.

At the time of her disappearance, Ana Belén was 1.60 meters tall, she had a strong complexion and long, straight, dark brown hair. In addition, the young woman's eyes are greenish gray and she sports a scar on her left jaw.



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