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Ballinamona Woman: Unidentified Remains (1995)

On the 12th of December 1995, a woman's partially skeletonised remains washed up on Ballinamona Beach, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford in Ireland. The top half was mostly skeleton, however, the bottom half of the body was more intact. While her identity remains a mystery it may be possible to discover her identity using the items found with her.

The woman wore Lee Jeans with a diamond-shaped motif of a woman wearing sunglasses. It was established they were manufactured in Belgium in1986-1987 under the fashion name ‘Rumour’. The jeans were never officially sold in Ireland. She also had two Volkswagen keys in a pocket with a ball-shaped keyring but no VW vehicle was found abandoned on the coast. She wore laced brown flat-heeled shoe size 39 insole with four-star and ‘Made in France’ on them.


Thoughts on her identity

While we can't assume anything, a reasonable assumption could be made that the woman may have been from mainland Europe or at least visited there. With her jeans made in Belgium and shoes made in France, it's almost certain that she at some point visited those countries. With free movement in the EU, it's not unusual to travel between countries in one trip. It's also possible that that woman was not actually Irish - that perhaps she was visiting Ireland from Europe and that's why no one from Ireland came to claim the body.

No details about the woman's predicted height or age have been released (that I can find), which makes it very difficult to narrow anything down or research missing person cases from Europe.


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