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Claire Holland: Missing, likely murdered (2012)

On Wednesday June 6th 2012, Claire Holland (32) was last seen in Bristol City Centre at the Seamus O'Donnell's pub on St Nicholas Street. She was reported missing around 10 days later when she failed to attend a number of meetings arranged for her. Police investigations suggest that neither Claire's bank account or phone has been used since her disappearance.The police stated: "Claire is a keen Facebook user who generally logs on at least once a day. Her account has not been used since June the 6th and this concerns us greatly."

Claire is described as white; around 5ft tall of a small build with shoulder length brown hair that is often tied in a ponytail. She was last seen wearing black trousers, a short sleeved black top with a grey t-shirt underneath. She was also carrying a cream coloured Primark re-usablecarrier bag. Claire is also a mother to a young child.

CCTV was released of Claire in a corner shop the day she disappeared - though this was before she went to the pub:



There are no major theories for this case, though it's unlikely that Claire disappeared of her own accord.

As no information has been released about Claire's life at the time of her disappearance it's extremely difficult to speculate as to what happened to her. However, as Claire was not reported missing for 10 days we can infer that she lived alone and not with her child. We know that Claire missed appointments 'made for her' which could be referring to child visitation.


Claire disappeared after the leaving the pub, which means should have been taken by a stranger, or someone known to her. I think it's unlikely she 'ran away.'


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