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Necia McKendrick: Unsolved Murder (2021)

On the 30th of May 2021, Necia McKendrick's (45) body was found in a small stream below Interlaken Park in Montlake, Seattle, Washington. Her body had been discovered by a homeowner who had called the police. Police believe she was killed around the 23rd of May and died from multiple blunt-force injuries. Not far from where her body was found, Necia's bag was discovered with pieces of her artwork inside.

“The body was found lying in a small stream with no access route except through the caller’s garden,” according to the Seattle Police Department. The area is on the remote outskirts of the popular Interlaken Park in Seattle. The park consists of more than 50 acres and is a densely wooded area on the north end of Capitol Hill.

Necia, known as 'Q' or 'Queen' to her friends, had been selling her art on the street and moved within busking and street art circles. Necia had struggled with mental health issues and drug addiction and according to her sister, her art made her feel relevant. The last confirmed sighting of Necia was on the 30th of April, a month before her body was discovered. According to Saphire, Necia's daughter, her mother had stopped answering her phone calls shortly after a visit in April - though the date was not given and we don't know whether Saphire came from Texas or whether Necia came from Seattle to Texas.

Necia had a large family based in Texas, with three children and five sisters, and two brothers.



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