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Adam Chadwick: Unsolved Murder (2008)

On the 24th of June 2008, Adam Chadwick (20) was shot by masked intruders at his sister's (Gemma) home in Clifton Mount, Leeds. He would die of his injuries two days later in hospital. Adam was celebrating his daughter Ruby's third birthday, and they were watching a film together. A woman knocked on the door and asked for 'Michelle', but she was told that she must have the wrong house. Moments later she would knock again and three masked men tried to force their way in, shooting Adam in the struggle.

The assailants fled in a Ford Focus C-Max (registration YH54 SBV), which had been stolen earlier in Little London and was later found abandoned at the corner of Chapeltown Road and Reginald Street in Chapeltown.

West Yorkshire Police believe the masked men were actually searching for someone else and Adam was the victim of mistaken identity.

West Yorkshire Police said the men were described as black, wearing balaclavas and camouflaged clothing. The woman with them was described as being white, aged in her late 20s and around 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, and as having dark brown hair, olive skin and dark eyes.

E-Fit of the Female Suspect
E-Fit of the Female Suspect


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