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Adre-Anna Jackson: Unsolved Murder (2005)

Adre-Anna Jackson (10) was last seen on the 2nd of December 2005, as she set off on the 3 block journey to her school. Her mother had not realised that school had been canceled due to the snow. When Adre-Anna failed to return home at 14:30, her mother searched for her before calling the police. Despite searches, the young girl was never seen alive again.

Then on the 4th of April that same year, two boys found the gruesome discovery of human remains. The body was in a thicket just one mile away from where she lived (Lakewood, Washington), and due to the severe decomposition, the cause of death could never be ruled.

The thicket where Adre-Anna's body was found is right net to the i-5 and has been described as an area that school children cut through, garbage is dumped, and where people will engage in drug use.

Unfortunately, there are no leads and the case remains unsolved.




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