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Alan Wood: Unsolved Murder (2009)

On the 21st of October, 2009, Alan Wood (50) was bound with sellotape, tortured and eventually killed in his home in Lound, Lincolnshire. Alan's body would be discovered three days later.

Alan ran a small gardening business and had no known enemies, and police say he was killed in a "a totally unprovoked attack". Alan suffered a "brutal and sustained" assault, during which he was repeatedly stabbed in the eye, had his throat cut a number of times and an attempt was made to decapitate him. The fatal wound was a cut to his throat.

At the time, DNA was recovered from the scene, which police believe could be from a suspect who may have been "visiting our country and are no longer here". Detectives think there was a financial motive because "his bank cards were stolen and a small amount of cash was withdrawn from his account".

Alan's bungalow: Taken from Google Maps

The Investigation

A number of appeals have been made by the media and police, with Alan's case being featured on Crime Watch. In 2019, the Police reported: "We continue to work on information provided to us and we've been able to eliminate some names from the investigation where members of the public had suspicions about particular individuals." It was also reported that the force were following leads involving possible vehicles that were involved.


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