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Alistair Wilson: Unsolved Murder (2004)

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

On the 28th of November, 2004, Alistair Wilson (30) was shot at his home in Crescent Road in Nairn, Scotland. Alistair lived at the home with his wife Veronica (33) and their two young children. Veronica's father lived in a flat above the home.

At around 7pm the doorbell of the Wilsons' house rung and Veronica answered the door. An unidentified stocky man (35 - 40), wearing a baseball cap, dark blue jacket and dark jeans was stood on the doorstep. He asked for Alistair Wilson by name and Veronica went to get her husband (who was in the children's bedroom). Alistair went to speak with the man and a few minutes later he returned to his wife carrying an empty blue envelope with the name Paul on the front.

Confused, Alistair went back to the door, at which point Veronica heard three gunshots. She discovered her husband lying on the floor, and saw that he had been shot. Alistair died in hospital later that evening.

The murder weapon was discovered by workmen in a drain 10 days later.

In 2018 it was revealed that the police were searching for a former neighbour (Shaun Douglas) who had lived with his father at the time. He had moved to Alaska and then Canada in the time since Alistair's murder but had recently been seen in Inverness. He had not been interviewed at the time of the initial murder enquiry.

In October 2020, The Guardian reported that the police had revealed the type of firearm used: a 0.25 calibre Haenel Suhl pocket pistol from the 1930s. The police are looking for the owner of this firearm.



There are currently no widely-accepted theories, however there are a few questions we could ask.

Alistair was the business manager at the local Bank of Scotland branch at the time. Could the murder have been to do with something that had happened at work? A disgruntled employee, or customer perhaps? The police would likely have investigated this theory, however.

Could it be drugs / gang related? There's no indication or evidence that Alistair was in any way involved with a gang / drug dealers. However, could Alistair's name have been used by someone who did have a connection? Perhaps the murder was a case of mistaken identity?

A further route of investigation could be whether the murder was a 'hit' unrelated to drugs / gangs. Could someone he knew / or knew of him have had reason to have him killed?

Sadly, the case remains unsolved.

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