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Amber Tuccaro: Unsolved Murder (2010)

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Amber Tuccaro (20) was last seen around 8 pm on the 18th of August 2010. She was on a short vacation with her 14-month old son and her friend. At 8 pm that evening she had said she was going into Edmonton and so she hitched a ride from an unknown man.

During the car ride, Amber either received a call or made a call to her cousin who was incarcerated at the time. Because he was in prison, the call was being recorded. During the call Amber questions where the man is taking her, confused as they seem to be going the wrong way to get to Edmonton. The man assures her (losing his patience) that he is taking her East (to Edmonton) but Police believe that he was actually taking her South, away from her intended destination.

What you hear on the call may be subjective, however, it seems that Amber is panicked and upset and that the male with her (approx 40's) is getting impatient with her. It's unknown whether the man knew Amber was on the phone, however it doesn't sound like he did from the audio that's been released. It's likely that Amber was secretly using the phone as she was scared.

Then on the 1st of September 2012, two horse-riders discovered Amber's remains in a field in Leduc County.

Her killer has still not been caught.


The Investigation

Initially, the Canadian Mounted Police did not list amber as missing as they believed that she could be 'off drinking'. This may be due to the fact that Amber was Native American, and there are many prejudices and harmful stereotypes that they face.

The police waited one month to report Amber missing and four months to begin interviewing witnesses. This means that vital evidence could have been lost.


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