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Angel of the Meadows (Discovered 2010)

On the 25th January 2010, a set of remains was discovered at the site of a former car park located between Angel Street, Dantzic Street and Miller Street in Manchester. The area was known as Angel Meadow, and the name given to the unidentified was 'The Angel of the Meadows.'

A postmortum revelaed that the female victim had suffered a fractured neck, clavicle and jaw. The police initially believed that the woman was aged 18–35 when she died. The date of her death was identified as the 1970s or 80s. Police believe the woman was born between 1950 and 1954.

In life the victim was a size 12 and her height was between 5 ft 1in and 5 ft 7in. She was probably European but possibly from India or the Middle East. The victim had a number of fillings and her first upper right premolar was missing, which would have been apparent in life when she smiled.

The victim was wearing a blue jumper, blue brassiere, a green pinafore dress and black stiletto court shoes (of which only one was found).The pinafore dress was distinctive in that it had large buttons and a unique 1970s-style pattern.

A number of items were found with or near the body: a plastic Guinness measuring chart from the late 1960s, an orange patterned carpet, dark blue and blue carpets, tights and a handbag. One of the carpet pieces which covered the body was thought by police to have been removed from a Ford Cortina and featured a hole cut for a gear stick.


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