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Anne Marie Foy: Unsolved Murder (2005)

On the 15th of September 2005, the body of Anne Marie Foy (46) was discovered in a wooded area off Crown Street, Liverpool. The undergrowth was known to be a place commonly used by local sex workers to take ‘punters’. It is believed Anne was killed at 05:30 that morning, possibly by a client. The court would later head that Miss Foy, had "gained a reputation" as someone who would sometimes try to steal from her "punters".

It was discovered that Anne had 62 injuries on her body, with 21 to her head, and an injury to her shoulder likely to have been caused “by a stamp from a shod foot”. There was also evidence Anne has been throttled with a tree branch (found nearby with blood on it) but she had no defensive wounds. Her body was also found with a discarded condom between her legs.


The Investigation

Days after the first anniversary of the 2005 murder, Kevin Kilshaw walked into a police station and confessed to being the killer. However in 2007, weeks before he was due to stand trial, it was revealed he had been in a London hostel at the time of the murder. Mr Kilshaw, it transpired, had a history of mental illness and had made false confessions to the police before.

In 2010, Mr Butler (65), a former Hackney cab driver of Albert Grove, Wavertree, was arrested and later tried for Anne's murder. The trial hinged on a partial DNA profile, and the information that a taxi driver had threatened and assaulted Anne weeks for her murder - Mr Butler denied knowing her. The defence claimed that Mr Butler (who has emphysema) would not have been physically capable of carrying out the attack.

Mr Butler was acquitted on the 11th of February, 2012. Anne's murder is still unsolved.


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