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Beaufort County Jane Doe: Unsolved Murder & Unidentified (1995)

This is a likeness of the woman - not a photo of her

On the 24th of May 1995, a woman's body was found in a ditch along Cotton Hall Road in Yemassee, South Carolina. A state employee had been mowing the grass when at about 13:15 they discovered the body face down. The woman was only wearing white underwear and it was clear that she had been murdered elsewhere and then dumped in that spot. This was ascertained by the medical examiner who said she had to have been moved at some point because rigor mortis showed that for at least the first twelve hours after her death, she was lying face up.

The woman had a surgical scar on her neck from thyroid surgery as well as a scar from a C-section and a full hysterectomy. She had curly, dark brown hair dyed a reddish cloud, her ears were double pierced and her nails were manicured. Her eyes may have been brown.

The police did take fingerprint and DNA evidence, and it was determined that the woman had been beaten and strangled to death. There was no evidence to suggest she had been sexually assaulted, but this doesn't mean the murder wasn't sexually motivated - she was after all found in just her underwear and strangulation can be 'sexual' for some murderers.

While the woman's race has never been officially confirmed it's believed that she may have been Latin American, and as her underwear (Leonisa brand) was only manufactured in Colombie and South America - this may help to back this up.

We know that the woman had had a child so you would hope that someone out there is looking for her.



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