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Carmel Fenech: Missing Person (1998)

In May 1998, Carmel French (16) was reported missing when she didn't return to the care home she was staying in. Carmel had sadly fallen in with a crowd of drug dealers and she became addicted to crack cocaine.

Carmel had been put into the care of West Sussex social care after a court appearance, but she went missing from a care home not long after*. Her mum said Carmel vanished amid a rumour she was pregnant and had apparently gone to London to tell her boyfriend.

*In 2002 it was reported in the Guardian that Carmel had moved back home after a beating from her boyfriend, who was a drug dealer.

Carmel's mother described her as beautiful and intelligent. She also revealed that while she didn't know it at the time, her daughter had been introduced to crack cocaine at a party when she was only 14 years old.


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