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Carol Clark: Unsolved Murder (1993)

On the 28th of March 1993, Carol Clarks (32) body was discovered on the bank of a canal at Sharpness docks near Berkeley. She had been strangled and her neck was broken. Just two days earlier Carol was last seen on the streets of Montpelier in Bristol - 30miles away from where her body was found. Carol was partially clothed, but a brown leather jacket, black polo neck sweater, denim mini-skirt blue skirt and baseball cap she wore that night has still not been found.

Investigators believed although she disappeared that night, Carol was not murdered until either late on Saturday night or in the early hours of the Sunday morning. It's also thought that she had a meal a few hours before her death – but where and who with remains a mystery. Carol was suffering from a heroin addiction and had been working as a sex worker to pay for her habit.

In December 2016 a spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said: "There are currently no active inquiries into the murder of Carol Clark. However our Major Crime Investigation Team conduct cold case reviews periodically, and if any new evidence comes to light the case could be re-examined in future."


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