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Charlotte and Jake Addams: Missing Persons (2010)

On April 21, 2010, Charlotte Addams (30) and Jake Addams (38), also known as Amyrose, went missing from their home in Plymouth, leaving their 11-year old daughter home alone. They have made no contact with family or friends since.

Charlotte is 5ft, with short dyed red hair, nose piercings and tribal tattoos on the base of her neck and the side of her left calf. Jake is 5ft 11in, of heavy build and with brown, shoulder-length receding hair. He also has tattoos on the inside of his left forearm and on his right shoulder. At the time of the couple's disappearance, Jake/ Amyrose, was going through a gender reassignment process.

There have been multiple reported sightings of one or both of the couple, but none have been confirmed. The police have revealed that the couple had links to Whitby in North Yorkshire, but no further information has been released.


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