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Ciera Breland: Missing presumed murdered (2022)

On the 26th of February 2022, Ciera "Nee Locklair" Breland (31) was reported missing by her husband Xavier Breland (37). The couple, their five-month-old son, and their white Labradoodle had previously travelled from Indiana to Johns Creek, Georgia USA to visit family. Ciera's last confirmed sighting location was at a residence on Highgate Manor Court in Johns Creek on the 24th of February 2022 at 19:17 PM. This location has been confirmed to be Ciera's mother in laws house.

However, despite Ciera being reported missing days later in Indiana, there is no evidence to suggest that Ciera ever returned home to Indiana with her family after the trip to Georgia.

According to the missing person's police report filed by Xavier, Ciera was last seen around 10 p.m. on 25th of February walking to the store in Carmel, Indiana, wearing short a black top and purple shorts - despite the cold weather. Ciera's family told police that she never arrived at the store her husband had said she had gone to, and CCTV showed she didn't enter. The family was also concerned because Ciera's personal phone, work phone, her ID, and credit cards were left behind. More concerning for her parents was that she had left her young son behind along with the burner phone she had to contact her family in an emergency.

On the 1st of March 2022, Xavier was taken into custody on an unrelated charge concerning stalking allegations, however, we would later be found not guilty. At the time of writing this the couple's young son is in the custody of Ciera's parents.

Breland and her family were known to be traveling in a white 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan with Georgia license plate RMB 5869. Xavier has been confirmed as the only person of interest in this case.


The Timeline

19th of February 2022 - Ciera arrives at her father's house in Cleveland Georgia. It was a good visit in which she caught up with her aunt and other family members. However, at some point according to family Ciera asked if she could move back in with them.

20th of February 2022 - Ciera, Xavier, and the baby leave her father's house. This is the last time her family will see Ciera. Police believe the couple made it 45 miles southwest to his family’s home in Johns Creek, Georgia, together. Investigators have not released too many details from there.

24th of February 2022 - The last confirmed sighting of Ciera is at the residence of her mother-in-law at Highgate Manor Court in Johns Creek.

26th of February 2022 - Xavier reports Ciera missing to the police in Indiana.

1st of March 2022 - Xavier and his mother are found at the Health Department trying to obtain key records for his son. His mother had flown to Indiana after Ciera was reported missing. It was here that Xavier was arrested on the unrelated charge.



Sadly it's likely that Ciera met with foul play shortly after her last official sighting at her mother in laws residence. There is no evidence to suggest that Ciera ever made it home to Indiana, and there had been no contact with her family via phone since that last sighting. Xavier claimed that she had left of her own free will and had gone to a shop wearing shorts, despite the temperature being in the low to mid-20s Fahrenheit (-6 Degrees celsius). If Ciera had been leaving to go to the shop, why would she have left her phone, ID, and credit cards behind? Why would she have left in such poor clothing for the cold?

Further, Ciera's family has since confirmed that she was planning to leave her husband, hence her asking to move back with them, and hence her having a burner phone to contact them in an emergency. Statistically, the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic abuse, or someone who wants to leave their partner, is in the days when they being to put their plan in place. This is still an open investigation and is not a cold case - so I'm being careful about what I say. However, I believe that Ciera was murdered and that more than just the perpetrator knows what happened to her. In fact, I could go a step further and say that as Xavier was not known to be the primary caregiver to their young son, he may have had help from someone looking after the son on the night Ciera met with foul play.



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