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Esra Uyrun: Missing Person (2011)

On the morning of 23rd February 2011, Esra Uyrun (32) left her home and got into her car to buy some milk. Later that night her car, a silver Renault Twingo (08 D 23067), would be found near Bray Head in Wicklow. There has been no trace of Esra since. Esra's family have been told by gardaí that they believe she died by suicide at Bray Head that day, as that's the last place her phone pinged from.

However, her sister does not believe Esra took her own life. Their mother was due to arrive in Dublin for a month-long visit the day after she went missing and they had made a number of plans for the trip.

Esra left her home between 7.20am and 7.30am on 23 February 2011 and was due to return shortly because her husband needed their car to get to work. Her number plate was recorded at the Power City roundabout in Clondalkin, which was just minutes from her house, just before 8am.

CCTV captured her car coming down Bray strand, driving erratically and having a near collision with a silver Skoda Octavia before it parked up by 8.40am. CCTV footage then shows a woman walking towards Bray, though her sister doesn't beleive that it's her.

Esra is described as 5’3” in height, with dark hair and green eyes. When last seen she was wearing black leggings, white Nike trainers, and a dark top.


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