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Fonassa Lynn Louise Bruyere: Unsolved Murder (2007)

On the 9th of August, 2007, Fonassa Bruyere (17) was last seen getting into a green, two-door truck with tinted windows by her sister Tracy. At that time Fonassa was known to be engaging in sex in the Winnipeg area. She was reported missing by her family, however, police at that time did not take the family seriously and believed she had 'run away' or she 'was on a binge'. Then, towards the end of August, Fonassa's remains were located near Ritchie Street and Mollard Road in Northwest Winnipeg.

According to Tracy, the car that picked Fonassa up had driven past and circled back around several times before picking her up. She gave a description of the man Fonassa was last seen with: a white male with short hair, a moustache, and a big nose.



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