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Girl from the Main: Unsolved Murder / Unidentified (2001)

On the 31st July 2001 passersby discovered the body of a teenager / young woman in the River Main, near Frankfurt, Germany. It was estimated that the girl has been in the water for at least 10 to 24 hours. She was discovered in a bundle of cloth tied to an umbrella stand, which was likely used to attempt to weigh the body down. The girl's death was caused by two broken ribs that had punctured her liver and lung.

The Girl from the Main was estimated to be between 15 - 16 years old, however, she may be up to 2 years younger due to malnourishment. On investigation, the girl's body had a number of injuries all over which indicated serious abuse suffered over a period of years, none of which had been treated by a doctor. Among other things, her arms were malformed as a result of healed fractures, there were numerous longer scars in the area of the legs, trunk, and forehead, burn scars from cigarettes, and a cauliflower ear caused by injury.

On investigating the cloth tied to the umbrella stand, it was discovered that it was in fact a 'Nala' - a belt that is worn in the Afghan / Pakistani region. It's possible the girl had been brought into the country by a family with 'diplomatic immunity' to work as a servant. Another possibility is that she had been trafficked to Germany to be a bride.



WARNING: the following link contains an autopsy photo.


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