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Hillary Angel Wilson: Unsolved Murder (2009)

Around 3 PM on Thursday the 20th of August, 2009, the body of Hillary Angel Wilson (18) was discovered at the intersection of Highway 59 and the North Perimeter (101), near Winnipeg, Canada. She was discovered by a teenage boy walking his dog.

Hilary had last been seen on Wednesday the 19th in Winnipeg’s North End at Selkirk Avenue and McKenzie Street. The police believe she made a phone call from a payphone at that spot around 8:30 p.m.

RCMP believe that Hilary was murdered, however, they have not released the manner of death or any other information from the crime scene.

Sadly, Hilary had experienced the death of a friend just a month before she would be killed.

17-year-old Cherisse Houle was found dead near Sturgeon Creek by a construction crew. Cherisse's murder remains unsolved.

Hilary's case has been taken on by Project Devote -- a joint task force between the RCMP and the Winnipeg Police Service created to investigate unsolved homicides and missing persons cases that involved exploited and at-risk people. A spokesperson for the task force said they are actively investigating Wilson’s case and encourage anyone with information to come forward.



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