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Honey & Barry Sherman: Unsolved Murders (2017)

On the 13th of December, 2017 Honey and Barry Sherman (70s) were found dead on the deck of their indoor pool by a real estate agent showing the house. The couple were fully clothed but tied up with leather belts, with their neck tied to a metal railing that surrounded the pool. Mr. Sherman was in a seated position with his legs crossed, and Ms. Sherman was lying on her side, with a bruise on her face. The couple was found to have died of strangulation.

No signs of a break-in were found, however, a window had been left open to air out the room and the basement door was unlocked. Honey and Barry had last been seen alive on the 13th of December at Apotex headquarters, where they were going over design changes to a new house they were building. The Sherman's were extremely wealthy due to Barry being the founder of a large pharmaceutical company.

However, there was a lot of ill will among extended family - due to his nephews being cut out of the business when their father died and their uncle taking over the business and selling it. The nephews were reportedly very angry about what had happened to what they considered their inheritance and lawsuits were filed. Barry would end up winning and counter-suing his nephews, winning the case.

Then on December the14th, 2021, Toronto police released security camera footage of a suspect. In the roughly 20-second video, a person dressed in dark clothing can be seen walking down a sidewalk on a snow-covered night in the neighborhood. "The timing of this individual's appearance is in line with when we believe the murders took place," Toronto Police Detective Brandon Price told reporters. "Based on this evidence we are classifying this individual as a suspect."



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