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Jodie Brewer: Unsolved Murder (2003)

On the 29th of August, 2003, Jodi Brewer's (19) remains were discovered near the highway in San Bernadino County, California (25 miles from Nevada-Cali border. Jodi's torso had been discovered wrapped in plastic and she had been identified by a hummingbird tattoo and an M design tattoo. A further search by investigators uncovered a sheet near the I-15 off-ramp to Cima Road.

Weeks earlier on the 14th of August, Jodi had been dropped off at the Harbor Island Club Apartments, located at 307 E. Harmon Ave. Her mother (Pamela Brewer) reported her missing on the 15th. When interviewed by police, one witness claimed that Jodi got into a white car with California plates.

Jodi had gotten involved in sex work when she was 17, and its possible she had left with a client the night she was last seen. Other sex workers working on the Las Vegas strip had also been murdered and dismembered around the time that Jodi was killed. Between March 2003 and April 2006, Misty Marie Saens, Lindsay Marie Harris were discovered dismembered. While another woman Jessie foster disappeared under suspicious circumstances and she's never been found.

Neal Falls, a suspected serial killer who was killed in self-defense by a sex worker he attacked in West Virginia, is suspected as being Jodi's killer.



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