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John Green: Unsolved Murder (1991)

On the 2nd of February 1991, John Green (36) was found dead in his office in his flat above his shop by his fiance in Branksome, Dorset, UK. It was determined that around 15:15 and 16:00 the previous day (1st), John had suffered a frenzied stabbing attack, which left him slumped between a window and a desk in his flat office.

During the investigation, DNA science was not as it is today, and so the investigators had to concentrate on fingerprints. Unfortunately, as John had held a party at this flat the week before, fingerprints couldn't be relied upon to find a suspect.

It was reported that John had been in the process of starting a marine security company. He lived in a basement flat owned by his mother and he had a fiance, Lori de Carteret. The shop was sitting empty at the time of John's death, but he had previously run a linen business and a piano restoration business there.

During the investigation, two calls came to the police claiming they had seen two men the afternoon of the murder, jostling John into his shop. A third witness also told police they had seen two men leaving the shop 45 mins later.

Despite E-Fit photos being released, John's murder remains unsolved.

Watch the Crimewatch appeal here:

(Image: Now Branksome Carpets, John's shop was located along this road.)

E-Fit sketches were made of the two men witnesses saw jostling John into his shop:



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