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Julie Jones: Unsolved Murder (1998)

On the 3rd of July 1998, Julie Jones (32) was found dead among bushes in the old Smithfield Market in Manchester city centre. Julie had been reported missing by her housemate six days earlier. The police said that Julie's injuries were so severe they were comparable to having fallen from a high building or being hit by a car. Julie was naked when found and some sources state she was wrapped in carpet.

Julie’s mum, Theresa Hulme (77) has not given up hope that her daughter’s killer will one-day face justice. She has taken care of Julie’s sons Dale and Josh (now adults) since they were children. Five years ago, Theresa said she said she believed she knew who the killer was, but didn’t have the evidence to back up her theory.

The Investigation

Police have confirmed that they do have DNA evidence in the case and a few people had been arrested at the time - one of which has been consequently convicted of raping other women.


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