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Karissa Hamilton: Unsolved Murder (2023)

On February 5th, 2023, Karissa Hamilton (29) was found deceased on the southeast side of the Steele Indian School Park (Phoenix, Arizona USA) inside her car which was still running. Sadly Karissa had been killed by a single gunshot wound, and she was found at around 10 pm in her grey Nissan Altima.

Karissa was a dedicated mother to her son and had two bachelor’s degrees in criminal administration at Northern Arizona University and sports journalism at Arizona State University. Karissa wanted to be a sports journalist, and she had moved from her hometown of Yuma to Phoenix to make a better life for her son. She and her son were living with Karissa's mother and stepfather at the time.

On the night of the 5th of February, authorities received a report around 11 pm of an injured person. Sadly, Karissa was pronounced dead on the scene by the Phoenix Fire Department, according to police.

The weekend of her death, Karissa had travelled to Yuma for a family member’s baby shower. She left for the two-and-a-quarter-hour drive back to Phoenix around noon on the day she died. Police have said they are not sure how long she had been dead in the car before the sad discovery was made. However, as her car engine was still running it couldn't have been for too long otherwise the battery would have died.

Karissa's mother Sylvia said of her daughter, “(She) was very kind and humble. She liked doing things for people but she always did it in the background where she didn’t expect recognition." Sylvia said Karissa encouraged her to be better and said she went back to school because of her. She expressed how good of a mother Karissa was to her son.

“She loved Kyrie and everything she did she did for Kyrie,” Sylvia said. “And he loved her so much too and he respected her, I mean she did a wonderful job with him.”

Sadly, not a lot of information has been shared publically, so there's no more that we can report here.



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