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Katherine Janness: Unsolved Murder (2021)

On the 28th of July 2021, Katherine Janness (40) was found stabbed to death by her partner in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Katherine had left their home to take their dog Bowie for a walk, however, when she didn't return Emma Clark, Katherine's partner tracked her phone and went to check on her. Sadly Katherine and Bowie had both been stabbed in a brutal attack, near the entrance of the park at 10th Street and Charles Allen Drive.

Katherine received incredibly brutal injuries including multiple slashes and incisions to the face, neck, stomach, breasts, and extremities, as well as blunt force injuries. An autopsy revealed she had been stabbed over 50 times, and the letters 'F', 'A', and 'T' had been carved into her torso and there was extensive mutilation to her torso, especially her breasts.

As this is an active investigation the police have not released much information. However, we do know that they have examined Bowie the dog for DNA, as well as Katherine.


Due to the brutality of the attack and the mutilation carried I believe there are two main theories:

  1. Personal attack by someone she knew

  2. Stranger attack by a dangerous sexual predator

  3. Homophobic Attack by a dangerous predator

The Attack: The injuries and mutilation inflicted on Katherine suggest something personal. Whether that's someone Katherine knows who was angry with her or a stranger who used her to unleash his/her fantasy or channel their rage for someone else through her. In particular, the injuries to her face and her breasts suggest an attempt to dehumanize and de-feminize her. The fact that the letters 'FA' and then closely 'T' were cut into her torso, also suggests the killer was trying to humiliate/dehumanize their victim.

Due to the injuries to her hands, fingers, and palms, it's believed Katherine tried to defend herself. Injuries were also found on her back meaning that she may have been attacked from behind first and turned to her attacker, or that her back was attacked as she turned away from the attacker to escape. The Medical Examiners Report does not specify the order in which the injuries were inflicted, or whether the mutilation was done pre/post-death.

The Location: Katherine was found near the entrance to the park, however, it's not known whether she was attacked on entry or exit. Bowie was found approximately 50 meters from the entrance and Katherine was 100M away near a tree.



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