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Kellie Pratt: Missing, presumed murdered (2000)

On 11th June 2000, Kellie Pratt (28) was last seen outside The Rose Pub in Queens Road, Norwich. Her Nokia 6100 phone receieved a call at 23:30 (around 10 mins of the last sighting), and she told the caller that she was with a 'punter'. It was known that Kellie was involved with sex work. Police spoke to the "associate" who made that final call to Ms Pratt but the client she was with has remained unknown, and no clues were found during a search of her accommodation in Loddon.

Kellie's disappearance fell within a timeline of three murders of women working in Norwich's red light district. Natalie Pearman, 16, was found in Ringland in 1992 and 22-year-old Michelle Bettles was discovered near Dereham in 2002. Both had been strangled and their murders have remained unsolved.

Cold Case Manager Andy Guy said; "We had information which led us to search several areas with cadaver dogs, but nothing came of that (...) some cold cases we have a call maybe once a month - it's not like that with Kellie (...) She was working on the street and had a chaotic lifestyle and she didn't know lots of people in Norwich, it was quite a small bubble she was involved with. The problem we had is that no one was going to say they had used her services. With no body and no DNA evidence we are relying on people coming forward."


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