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Lana Purcell: Missing Person (2011)

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In January 2011, Lana Purcell (26), was reported missing from Camden, London. Lana had been living with a flatmate, who had called her father after Lana hadn't been seen for two days. Her family were not initially concerned, but due to the urgency of the flatmate, Lana was reported missing.

Lana Purcell was a single mother to a six-year-old girl. Sadly, she had fallen into a life of drug use and sex work and her daughter had been staying with her father. The family expressed that because of Lana's chaotic lifestyle, her case was initially overlooked by the police.


Theories / Investigation

Detective Inspector Mike Stubbins, who is one of the lead investigators, said: "I am very confident that there will be people who know full well what happened to Lana but have not yet spoken to us (...) People change, allegiances change, or people who were once frightened of what they think might happen if they spoke to the police eventually do speak to us in the strictest of confidence. And I believe that can and will happen with Lana’s case."

Theories about what happened to Lana include that she was a victim of trafficking, was murdered, or chose to disappear to escape a threat of violence.


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