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Luiri El-Hagrasi: Missing presumed dead (2015)

Luira El-Hargrasi (33), also known as Laura, dissapeared in the London Heathrow Airport area on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. Laura had travelled to the airport in a silver Peugeot 208 hire car with the registration AK13 VHT, alongside her family. and she was she was due to catch a flight to Egypt.

Laura El-Hagrasi was reported missing from her home in Cliftonville, Margate, at 7pm on Thursday, 23 April - though we don't know who made the report.

The family had left their home in Thanet around 3:20am and arrived in the Heathrow srea just before 10am. According to Police Laura was seen to arrive at the airport but never boarded her plane. (However this has never been elaborated on by police - and it's not been confirmed whether this was backed up my CCTV or by a witness statement made, for example, by her husband.)

Laura is originally from Riga in Latvia, and she is described as white, 5ft 4ins tall, medium build, with straight shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and with an eastern European accent. Police said in a statement that: "her family are very worried about Laura, as her disappearance is completely out of character."

Not much has been made public about Laura's family life, personal relationships, professional life, or any connections she may have had in Latvia.



There are currently no major theories on this case. But here's what we do know:

As with any missing persons case, those closest to the vitctim must always be looked into. There are pieces of information missing in this case (at least publically) and it points to a very confusing story.

The family were supposed to catch a flight to Egypt that day, but we don't know whether the family attempted to board the flight (we only know that Laura didn't.) We also don't know why they were flying to Egypt or when the flight was booked. Laura was then reported missing the next evening - and we don't know who made the report, or where it was made. This leads me to wonder whether the family had gone home, or whether they had actually caught their flight and then reported Laura missing the next day. We also don't know the age of the children, or what their witness statements said.

I question why the missing persons report was made the following day at 7pm. If Laura had gone missing in the airport, why did they drive home instead of reporting her missing in the airport? Or if they had caught their flight, wouldn't they have realised she wasn't on board and reported it then? The actions taken, in particular by the husband needs to be examined more.

Another point on contention is the time discrepency provided (at least in the media.) The family reportedly left their home at 3:20am and arrived in the Heathrow area just before 10:30am. That's an almost 7hour drive, which would only have taken a maximum of 3 hours, even with traffic. So why did they leave so early? And what could they have done to fill that time?

We also have no information about what happened to Laura's luggage. Was it checked in? Was it still in the car? Was the husband holding her luggage? Was she holding her own? Were the familie's luggage packed in together? This is important is it may speak to Laura's motives. For exmple, if she had packed her own bag (seperate to the family) and disappeared with it - it could speak to the idea that she went missing willingly.

Moreover, without knowing any information about Laura, or her personal connections, it can't be ruled out that she could have had help disappearing and that she may have done so willingly.


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