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Male Exmoor Remains (Discovered 2002)

In March 2002, a Ranger working at Exmoor National Park discovered a bag which he assumed to contain animal remains. He took the bag to the nearby Devon and Somerset stag hounds kennels where there was an incinerator Upon arrival at the kennels the bag was opened revealling decomposed human remains.

Examination of the remains showed that the victim was a man in his mid 20s - 30s, who had considred injuries consistent with a violent death. They placed the time of death between late 1999 and 2000, though it;s thought the body may have been kept elsewhere for a significant period of time before being buried on Exmoor at some point after May 2001.

The remains of the man were wrapped in plastic bags and bedding and alongside him were a number of items including underwear and a distinctive gold pendant featuring a verse from the Koran.

Though there have been no significant updates, the police have a full DNA profile, and it's beleived that the man could have been from North Africa or the Asian sub-continent. He is also thought to have only lived in the UK for a few years before his death, and may have spent time in southern England.

The remains have been buried in an Islamic funeral in a cemetery in Watchet.


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