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Malgorzata Wnuczek: Missing person (2006)

On Wednesday 31st May, 2006, Malgorzata Wnuczek (26), was last seen after catching a bus from her workplace at Peter Jackson Logistics in Sunningdale Road, Leicester, into Leicester city centre. Not trace of her has been found since.

Malgorzata (or Gotia as she's known to her friends and family), had a 3 year old daughter, and was in regular contact with her parents. The last contact her parents recieved was a text message on the 29th May 2006.

Det Ch Insp Worth added: "Malgorzata spoke very little English and circulated mainly within the Polish community, both settled and migrant (...) It's therefore very important to note that while she was last seen in Leicester, there could be people who have information about her whereabouts who are now living in Poland."

In 2009 it was reported that the Police were building a DNA profile from the umbilical cord blood from her six-year-old daughter.


Further Information

In March 2003, Malgorzata married a man she met at University in Poland and shortly afterwards Aleksandra is born. Then in November 2004 her husband moves to find work in the UK, and she follows him with their daughter in July 2005. They set up home in Knighton Fields Road in Leicester. Malgorzata finds a job at working for a company on Sunningdale Road in Leicester in September 2005.

Then in January 2006, the couple's relationship breaks down and they seperate. The daughter is taken to Poland to stay with her grnadparends, and Malgorzata relocated to Milton Keynes to work. However, by May 2006, there's evidence to suggest that she was living back in Leicester, first Equity Road and then at Mill Hill Lane.

On 28 May 2006, Malgorzata phones her parents in Poland to tell them she is okay and the following day she sends a text. This is the last communication they will have.

Malgorzata's last sent text was on 31st May 2006, the same day that her card was used in a shop. This was her last transaction.

On the 26th June 2006, Malgorzata's parent report her missing to the Polish Authories, but it's 5 months later that the Polish police ask Leicestershire Constabulary for assistance.


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