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Michaela Hague: Unsolved Murder (2001)

On the 5th of November, 2001, Michaela Hague (25) was stabbed 19 times in the neck and back, and found in a car park in Spitalfields, near the city centre around 8pm. She was found by her a friend and fellow sex worker.

Michaela managed to give a description of her attacker before she died, writing in biro on a police officer's hand that her attacker was "6ft tall, about 38 years old, white and clean shaven with fair hair. He was also wearing a wedding ring and drove a blue Ford Sierra car with a roof rack." Michaela was working as a sex worker at the time and she had been picked up by her killer from a Sheffield side street in the early evening around 7pm.


The Investigation

At the time Ford Sierras were very common cars and a huge trawl was painstakingly conducted to try to narrow down the ownership of the vehicle, without success.

As time passed the case caught the attention of BBC’s Crimewatch and a reconstruction was broadcast nationally, a tactic which has been known to generate valuable information, but that also failed to bring results.

In recent efforrt to reinvestigate details have emerged, which could help to single out the killer, such as the fact the driver of the Sierra appeared to be wearing an old fashioned ‘night cap’ style hat when he was spotted in the area.


Finding a Suspect: What we know:

  • The killer had a wedding ring, so was likely married.

  • The murder happened on Bonfire Night - so perhaps his family were out celebrating without him? (fireworks, bonfire etc.)

  • The killer drove a blue Ford Sierra car with a roof rack. (Could they be outdoorsy, loading camping / bikes . surfboard on top? Or could they have kids that they usually attach bikes to?)

  • The killer was white, clean shaven, with fair hair.


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