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Natalie Putt: Missing, presumed Murdered (2003)

On the 1st of September, 2003, Natalie Putt (17) went missing from her home in Dudley. The day she disappeared, she had just been dropped off at home by her new boyfriend Chris Millard having broken up with the father of her son 11 month-old son, Kevin McCallum, weeks earlier.

Describing the day she disappeared, Kevin McCallum admitted to being the last person who saw Natalie. He said: 'We went upstairs to talk about the relationship. We were smoking at the time. Then she said she was going to get some more cigarettes. I didn't see her leave the front door. I went back to feeding the baby. It had taken 45 minutes to feed him and then I went down stairs. Later that evening I saw her phone was on the side.'

The inquest held in 2019, heard that a taxi driver told police he had been called to the house and a man came out carrying a baby and holding four or five black bin bags. During the police investigation, bin bags were recovered from the loft as well as a T-shirt with two spots of blood which matched Natalie's DNA.

Detective Sergeant Angela Baggott, of the West Midlands Police homicide review team, said Natalie was believed to have taken a bank card from the property but had left her mobile phone and handbag at home.

No charges have ever been brought for Natalie's murder and there has been no public update since 2019.


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