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Patricia Parsons: Unsolved Murder (1990)

On the 24th of June 1990, the body of Patricia Parsons (42) was found in her white Cabriolet car near the Good Intent Pub, in Upshire, near Epping Forest. Patricia had been shot three times in the head with a crossbow and had been battered. It's thought her killer had driven her to the location before killing her. Patricia was last seen alive on the 23rd of June, when she left the house at around 9 pm to go to a party at her boyfriend's (Ozzie) restaurant in Harlow, Essex. According to witnesses, Patricia left her home with a man who was driving her car.

It was believed that Patricia provided "discreet sexual services" to a range of celebrities and VIPs, including a senior judge and a television presenter. She was also a masseuse who ran a sauna in Camden, London.

A blue notebook which was thought to contain the names and telephone numbers of prominent celebrities - and which officers believed would have provided crucial evidence - has never been found.


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