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Rebecca Reusch: Missing Person, possibly murdered (2019)

On the 18th of February 2019, Rebecca Reusch (15) was last seen at her sister's house in Berlin, Germany. When her sister left at 7 am, Rebecca was alone in the house with her brother-in-law (Florian). She has not been seen alive since.

Rebecca had two sisters, one of whom (Jessica) lived down the road from her and her parents. She would sometimes stay the night. On the night of the 17th, Florian went to a party so the sisters could spend some alone time together, but Rebecca had to promise her mother that she would be able to get to school in time the next day.

At 7 am Rebecca took her child to daycare, leaving Rebecca and Florian at home. At 7:15 AM, Rebecca's mother tried to call her phone to remind her to go to school, but the phone was disconnected. Rebecca's mother called Jessica and then Florian, who told her that Rebecca had already left.

Rebecca's mother questioned why she would have left already since school didn't start until 9 am, and she sent a Whatsapp message which was delivered but not read. When the school phoned to let her mother know that Rebecca had not shown up to school throughout that day, the family phones the police.

On the 28th of February, Florian was arrested by police due to contradictory statements he had made. For example, he had said that he hadn't left the house that morning, yet his car was seen driving to Poland around 10:45 and was seen again on the way back. However, after releasing and then arresting him a second time, police were told by Florian that he had driven to Poland to meet a drug dealer. He said he then returned because he had lost his wedding ring.


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