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Richard Clarke: Unsolved Murder (2004)

In the early hours of the 29th of July, 2004 Richard Clarke (32) was shot at point blank range in an "execution" style-killing at his home in the Hyde Park area of Leeds. Richard was asleep when the attack occured, and his partner was reported to have slept through the killing as she slept next to him. She did not realise Richard was dead until she was awoken by her 14-year-old son that morning. There were no signs of a break-in at the house and the murder weapon was not found.

The couple shared three teenage sons, who were all in the house that night. On the 9th of August, 2004, the surviving members of the family were moved out of the house after a disturbance at the house. A Spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: "Last night at the home of Richard Clarke on Moorland Avenue, his partner and her sons were disturbed by a prowler at about 2am.

In 2005 it was revealed that the murder weapon was 12 bore shogun but Det Supt Steve Fear said they believed it had been sold on.

Richard, who was described by one senior police officer as "no angel" due to his connections to well-known violent criminals, was murdered less than a month after he was released from prison. He had also just regained contact with his 15 year-old daughter and was looking forward to re-connecting.


The Investigation

Det Supt Steve Fear said officers had been speaking to the the girlfriend (34) and carrying out lengthy video interviews with her two youngest sons. Richard's girlfriend said that she had taken sleeping pills that night which is why she didn't hear the murder. Although she did say that she thought she heard a door slam in the night and thought that she had felt Richard jolt her in her sleep.

In 2004 three men were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.


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