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Trevor Deely: Missing Person (2000)

On the 7th of December 2000, Trevor Deely (22) attended his work Christmas Party at the Hilton Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. He then went on to Buck Whaley’s nightclub on Leeson Street which he left between 2.30 am and 03.25 am on the 8th of December.

At that point, Trevor is seen in walking in the direction of his apartment however he stops by his workplace at the Bank of Ireland Asset Management Offices, where he worked in the IT Department. He had a brief conversation with an unidentified man before he is let in after placing a call to security. At the office, Trevor makes a cup of tea and speaks to his colleague Karl Pernder who was on the night shift. Trevor then checks his emails, makes a note of tasks for his next shift, and leaves the office at around 4 am taking an umbrella with him.

While at first, I found it strange that Trevor would go to his workplace in the early hours after a night out, it's been reported that the weather was terrible that night and there was a city-wide Taxi strike. Because of this, I can see a world in which Trevor wanted to get out of the bad weather for a moment and grab an umbrella before going home - especially as he still had a long walk to go.

Around 4 am,Trevor called his close friend Glen Cullen and left a ve telling him he was on his way home and hthat e wouldthat talk to him tomorrow. The final sighting of Trevor takes place passing the Bank of Ireland ATM on Haddington road at 4:14 am with the umbrella. 31 seconds later a man is seen walking in the same direction - however, it's not confirmed whether it's the same man seen talking to Trevor. It is not believed that Trevor arrived home at the Renoir complex on Serpentine Avenue.

At the time of his disappearance Trevor was 6ft 1” with a slim build, short red/brown hair, and with a fair complexion. He was wearing a mustard and brown checked shirt, beige/grey corduroy flared trousers, dark deck shoes with white stripes, and a green padded jacket. The umbrella he was carrying was large, dark blue, with white ACC Bank lettering. From where he was last spotted on CCTV to his apartment, it would have been approximately a 20-minute walk- though it is believed that he never made it home and no sign of him has surfaced since



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