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Vicky Glass: Unsolved Murder (2000)

Vicky Glass (21) was last seen at 4 am on the 24th of September 2000, as she was dropped off by a taxi driver in Middlesborough. Just three days earlier Vicky has celebrated her 21st Birthday.

Vicky had been exploited from the age of 18 and had been forced into sex work where she suffered from drug addiction. On Saturday the 23rd Vicky and her friend left an address where she had changed clothes, and she conducted sex work in the Gresham and Cannon Parks area.

After Midnight Vicky met a client on Borough Road and went to 04 Princes Road - a property known well to sex workers and drug users. Vicky and the client then went to the male's home in Norton, Stockton, before Vicky left in a taxi around 4 am. The car was a white Vauxhall Vectra, vehicle registration R790LFV.

At about 4:20 am Vicky got out of the taxi on Union Street Middlesbrough at the junction of Union Street and Eshwood Square. The taxi driver returned to the station. This was the last time she was seen alive.


The Investigation

Days after Vicky was last seen, the client she had been with began asking around about her. He could not get in contact and became worried - so the police were contacted and an investigation was opened.

At 6 am on Friday 3rd November 2000, Vicky’s body was discovered by a dog walker in a stream in Danby, a village in North Yorkshire. No information about the state of her body or her casue of death has been released.

In 2018, Cleveland Police's Historic Investigation Unit was given additional funding by the Home Office to look at the case. Then on the 24th September 2021 the police announced that a newly formed team would "actively reinvestigate her death using new forensic techniques".

Since then four people have been arrested for Vicky's murder but no one has been charged and the case is still unsolved.



Without information regarding any evidence or persons of interest, it's hard to come up with any impartial theories. However, due to Vicky's risky lifestyle it's possible that she may have gotten into a car with someone willingly / gone into someones house willingly.

The cause of death could be a major clue as to the motive and MO of her killer. We also don't know whether Vicky was found clothed or with any personal items that the killer may have touched. Now in 2021 with touch DNA, it's likely the police are investigating this if possible. We also don't know if a rape kit was conducted - however as she was a sex worker any DNA found may not belong to her killer.

We also don't know if where Vicky was found is where she was killed - and unfortunately after so many years an actual crime scene would be unlikely to hold evidence at this stage (i.e. someone's home.)



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