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Unidentified Woman: Harris County Jane Doe (1976)

On the 30th of September 1976, an unidentified woman was found injured between the IH10 and Wirt Road in Houston, Texas. She died at a local hospital two days later. Some sources claim that her death was due to jumping from a moving truck, and the Texas Department for Public Safety lists the woman's death as accidental - which begs questioning.

The woman was black, aged between 20 to 40, she had black hair, and both her ears were pierced. Her clothes consisted of a long sleeve turtleneck sweater, a blue checkered flannel shirt, size 33x32 blue jeans, size 5M brown shoes, and pink underwear. She also had a turquoise ring, a ring without stones, and she was wearing one silver-coloured earring. (Whether she chose to wear one earring or whether one had been lost is unknown.)

Unfortunately, very little information has been released, and it's strange her official cause of death is labelled as accidental. I wonder if her motives in jumping from a moving car were ever investigated and whether the driver of the car was ever identified and questioned. Although it's clear the woman died due to injuries, we don't know the circumstances of her jumping - had she been kidnapped? Did she feel threatened and wanted to flee?

The photo included is a reconstruction of the woman's identity, however, her face was recognisable and a post-mortem photo can be found on the NAMUS website.



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